Timberline brings together a solid team of experienced photo interpreters
specializing in forest resource and wetland inventories. 
Many have multiple certifications for Western Canada

John Cosco R.P.F. (BC, AB, SK)
President and Chief Inventory Forester
John Cosco has over 32 years of experience in the resource inventory industry and has been involved in the mapping, production, audit, update and documentation of vegetation inventories throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, Saskatchewan, and N.W. Ontario. John also has over 20 years of experience managing interdisciplinary teams for production of traditional inventory and mapping projects as well as over 12 years of experience managing softcopy inventory and mapping projects. John is a certified interpreter for BC, AB, and Ontario.
Stephen Lewis R.P.F. (AB, SK)
General Manager
Steve has 21 years of experience in resource inventories including 8 years with softcopy.  Steve is a certified AVI photo interpreter and oversees softcopy set-up protocol, file management and quality control. Steve has over 15 years experience in managing resource inventories.  These vary in size from 200 hectares to 6 million hectares, and include grassland, wetland as well as traditional vegetation inventory.
Josette Landry
Project Leader
I am very pleased and proud to be part of our new company.  I have been with Timberline for over 20 years.  I am the project coordinator for all inventory update projects as an AVI certified Level 1 Interpreter.  I am responsible for updating all depletion update using softcopy digital technology.  In addition, I work on special projects such as residual tree and clump retention assessment, understory protection, conifer avoidance and ARIS/AVI linking projects.  Occasionally, I am involved in field data collection related to the above programs.  I have been immersed in a 6.8 million hectare FMA, surrounded by billions of trees, complete silence and spectacular wildlife, awestruck by nature's beauty.
Karen Boida B.Sc.
Senior Inventory Forester
Karen Boida has been in the resource inventory industry since 1994 and has been involved in the mapping, production, audit, update and documentation of vegetation inventories throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories.  Karen has completed many oil and gas inventory projects, which have entailed both forest and wetland classification, that are a necessary component for Environmental Impact Assessments.  Karen is a certified interpreter for Alberta. 
Shawn Metheral R.P.F (AB, SK)
Senior Inventory Forester
Shawn Metheral has 20 years of experience in forestry.  Shawn received his Bachelor of Science in Forest Management at the University of Alberta.  Shawn is a Registered Professional Forester in Alberta as well as a member of the Association of Saskatchewan Forest Professionals.  Shawn has worked on numerous inventory projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Northwest Territories.  Shawn's strengths lie in photo interpretation of color and black and white imagery for vegetation resource inventories using various soft copy systems.  Shawn resides in Edmonton, AB with his wife and two teenage children.
Mike Sandvoss R.F.T. (BC)
Senior Inventory Manager/Project Manager

Mike Sandvoss is a senior inventory manager and project manager with more than 25 years of aerial photograph/digital image interpretation and data collection experience.  Since joining Timberline in 1987 as an inventory specialist, Mike has been involved in all aspects of forest and vegetation inventory projects, specializing in the project management of vegetation classification, ESA and land form classification, remote sensing, and general aerial photograph interpretation.  Mike has been involved in all phases of vegetation inventory projects throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.  Mike is a certified interpreter in British Columbia (VRI), Alberta (AVI), and Ontario (eFRI in Boreal and Great Lakes/St Laurence).
Andy Ferguson R.F.T. (BC)
Registered Forest Technologist

Andy is a Registered Forest Technologist in British Columbia, with over 25 years experience in the forest measurements and forest inventory disciplines in British Columbia. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northern Ontario.  He is a certified photo interpreter in British Columbia.  Andy also has several years experience managing and creating database applications for forest inventory data management.
Tamara Lewis
Office Manager
Tamara Lewis graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Agriculture Economics, and worked in the Agriculture Industry for many years. For the past year she has been learning the ropes of office management with Timberline. She enjoys the new challenges that come along with her new career.  
Francois Rosa
Forest Inventory Technician
I have over 22 years experience in forestry. My main experience is in Photo Interpretation, for which I'm certified in British Columbia and Ontario. Associated with that I have a lot of experience in air calling via helicopter in both provinces as well. I also have extensive experience in Timber Cruising, and VRI Ground Sampling phase 1 and 2.

Jouni Tanskanen
GIS and Forest Inventory Technician
Jouni Tanskanen has over 20 years experience in providing GIS support for inventory projects in British Columbia and Alberta. He is also a fully accredited classifier for VRI in British Columbia and eFRI in Ontario. Jouni's extensive field experience combined with technical GIS and Softcopy knowledge has provided valuable contribution to large inventory projects in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Among the projects are Haida Gwaii VRI, Horsefly VRI, Soo TSA VRI, Sunshine TSA VRI, Ontario's Ogoki and Crossroutes eFRIs, and Technical GIS support for various Alberta AVI projects.

Eros Pavan R.P.F (B.C.)
Inventory Specialist
Eros Pavan has 30 years of experience in the forest industry.  Eros was a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Operator for 25 years specializing in 3D terrain modelling, cruise design and mapping, digital loading and mapping/plotting using ESRI ARCGIS software for clients in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.  For the past year, Eros has transitioned from GIS into resource inventory in Alberta.
Rob Oran R.P.F. (BC)
Inventory Specialist
Rob Oran has over 24 years of forestry experience and has worked on various projects throughout Western Canada.  These projects have included the design, implementation and management of temporary/permanent sample plot locations, change monitoring inventory plots, site index adjustment projects, Danger/Wildlife tree assessments and various traditional inventory projects.  Rob also has 12 years of softcopy experience and is a certified photo interpreter in both British Columbia and Alberta.
Mike Mastine
Certified Forest Inventory Interpreter
Mike Mastine has over 32 years of experience in the resource inventory industry and has been involved in the mapping, production, 70 mm Large Scale Photography (LSP), cruise compilation and log studies for vegetation inventories throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  Mike has over 12 years of experience in softcopy inventory and mapping projects.  Mike is a certified interpreter for B.C. and Ontario.
Mitchell Grant, T.F.T. (BC)
Inventory Specialist
  Mitchell joined us in February 2013.

                        Jose Marcelo Guinez     
                      Inventory Specialist                                 Marcelo joined us in October 2014