Timberline is a forestry consulting firm operating in Western Canada with its office based in Edmonton, Alberta. 


The original company was founded in 1971 and provided dedicated and exceptional forest inventory services until it closed its doors in October 2011. A restructured Timberline, with a focus on resource inventories, was incorporated soon after and is staffed with long-time Timberline employees who have helped to pioneer forest vegetation inventories, the use of softcopy inventory, and inventory update processes throughout western Canada. The company specializes in forest vegetation and wetland inventories and continues the long standing tradition of high quality inventory services provided to our clients.

Operating as Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants, the company is owned and operated by John Cosco, who was with Timberline for over 31 years, and currently employs 7 full time photo interpreters, 6 full time contractor interpreters, and 1 GIS specialist.


Welcome back Timberline and the team that shares the same goals, visions and work ethic that drives success!


Timberline employees are involved in the yearly production of over 1.5 million hectares of vegetation inventories and over 300,000 hectares of softcopy update throughout western Canada. We are involved in all phases of inventory and softcopy tasks. Timberline also conducts third party audits and has helped to develop audit processes.  In addition, Timberline employees are trained and certified in a wide variety of resource inventories; including:


British Columbia Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI)

Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI)

Saskatchewan Forest Vegetation Inventory (SFVI)

Ontario Enhanced Forest Resource Inventory and Forest Ecosystem Classification (eFRI)

Government of Northwest Territories Forest Vegetation Inventory (NWTVI)

Alberta Wetland Inventory (AWI)

Alberta Grassland Vegetation Inventory (GVI)

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI)

Alberta Primary Land Vegetation Inventory (PLVI)

Yukon Vegetation Inventory (YVI)